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The Challenge We Solve

Keeping up with diversity expectations amid decreasing commitment.
“[companies] understand if they don’t do something, their talent strategies, their culture, their ability to succeed is all at risk.”
Did you know…
76% of job seekers believe a diverse workforce is essential when evaluating a job offer.
Is your talent pipeline building the diverse team job seekers expect?
Did you know…
Avg Promotions to Manager by Segment
Why this matters
Having a single black and brown woman in the finalist pool for a job is equivalent to having zero black and brown female candidates.
Are you able to present multiple black and brown female candidates?

Recruiters should be able to…

Source diverse talent from one platform.
It’s streamlined. 
So it’s really easy to use.”
– Head of Talent, Healthcare industry
3 ways to boost your diverse female talent pipeline.

Leverage an easy to use search engine to identify black & brown candidates.


Quickly assess candidate experience, skills and alignment with your open roles.


Use easy that make it easy to start the hiring process with target candidates.

** All in one platform. **
Our Customers
Use case Wells Fargo
We were able to Leveraged Talent Infusion during a marquee event, AfroTech, to identify and extend offer to multiple diverse candidates. They were able to hire talent across a range of business functions.
– Melissa, Executive Director of Tech
Use case Vanguard
Talent Infusion gave us an excellent assortment of talent data we could get from a conference. Additionally, the software’s badging identification tells us who (attendees) was coming to the conference was an amazing added benefit to our recruiting process.
– DaJuan L., Talent Lead Manager, Emerging Talent & Diversity Recruiting
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