Why is Black talent hiring 50% below parity?
Join us in enabling recruiters and Black talent to truly see each other.

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    The Problem
    It’s not talent scarcity.
    0 %
    of the Black population are bacherlor degree holders.
    That’s more than 10,000,000 Black professionals.
    The Problem
    It’s bias-driven exclusion
    How Exclusion Happens
    Having a single Black candidate in the finalist pool for a job equivalent to having zero Black candidates.
    How We Close the Gap

    Black talent exclusion stops when recruiters and talent can truly each other.

    The Talent Matching Platform

    When people decide to close the Black talent parity gap, they engage with each other via Talent Infusion – the talent matching platform that enables recruiters and talent to truly see each other, and use that clarity to close the Black talent parity gap.

    Wells Fargo partners with Talent Infusion
    Uses innovative talent matching platform to identify and extend employment offers to multiple black talent candidates.
    Vanguard Explains Why Talent Infusion is a Difference Maker
    Talent Infusion gave us an excellent assortment of talent data we could get from a conference. Additionally, the software’s badging identification tells us who (attendees) was coming to the conference was an amazing added benefit to our recruiting process.
    – DaJuan L., Talent Lead Manager, Emerging Talent & Diversity Recruiting
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