Why are Black women 26% less likely to be promoted?

Join us in enabling recruiters and Black talent to truly see each other.

The Problem

It’s not talent scarcity.


of Black women hold a college degree​

The rate of Black women earning degrees exceeds that of Latinas, Native Americans, Asian/Pacific Islanders and White women.

The Problem

It’s bias-driven exclusion


Having a single Black woman in the finalist pool for a job is effectively equivalent to having zero Black female candidates.

Impact of Exclusion

Black women are the only race-gender group whose promotion is negatively impacted by the racial composition of their coworkers.

How We Shift the Tide

Black talent exclusion stops when we engage.

The Talent Matching Platform

When people decide to boost Black talent inclusion, they engage with each other via Talent Infusion – the talent matching platform that enables recruiters and talent to truly see each other, and use that clarity to champion Black talent inclusion.

Wells Fargo partners with Talent Infusion

Uses innovative talent matching platform to identify and extend employment offers to multiple black talent candidates.

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