Strategies to Advance Inclusivity at Senior Levels Through Black Allyship

Young man of color with tapered fade wearing a grey sweater is on a call discussing black allyship

When exploring the lack of black allyship in the workplace, more specifically challenges faced by women of color in advancing to senior-level positions, stark disparities are revealed in representation and pay. Despite comprising 7.4% of the U.S. population, Black women hold only 1.4% of C-suite positions and 1.6% of senior vice-president roles and earn 69 […]

The Ascendance of Black Women In Leadership

Woman of color leading a staff meeting with diverse colleagues to discuss black women in leadership

Over the last handful of years, there’s been a remarkable ascent of underrepresented professionals in workplaces across industries. Notably, one group that has been increasingly making strides are black women in leadership roles. Their journey reflects the triumphs achieved and the ongoing quest for greater inclusivity and equity in the workforce. Notable Wins for Women […]

Building Your Business with Inclusive Design Principles in Mind

Woman of color working alongside white woman in an office setting discussing inclusive design principles

Inclusivity, more specifically the integration of inclusive design principles, has proven to be a notable driver for business success in today’s ever-evolving society. As highlighted by Fortune’s, “Expanding Equity Retrospective Report,” 80% of companies are reaffirming their commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). By prioritizing inclusivity, businesses can strengthen their brand reputation, attract top […]