April 19, 2024

Celebrating One Year of Talent Infusion

2 professionals of color, one male and one female, sitting across from one another in the board room via Talent Infusion

For the past seven years, AfroTech has been dedicated to amplifying the presence of Black technologists, fostering community, and advocating for representation within the tech industry. Last year marked a significant milestone as AfroTech introduced its first-ever software as a service (SaaS) product, Talent Infusion. This innovative platform builds upon AfroTech’s mission by connecting employers with a diverse pool of candidates, promoting inclusivity across all industries.

Transforming Workplace Culture

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) have emerged as vital pillars of workplace culture, as businesses increasingly acknowledge their profound influence on employee morale and organizational success. 

Talent Infusion was established to meet the urgent demand for diverse talent in the workforce and assist businesses in enhancing their DE&I initiatives. Research indicates that companies committed to fostering diversity experience 2.5 times higher cash flow per employee, while those with diverse management teams have seen a significant 19% increase in revenue.

Talent Infusion’s Innovative Approach

Talent Infusion’s innovative talent sourcing tool automates recruitment by delivering curated lists of diverse resumes, effectively matching job seekers with potential employers. This innovative platform streamlines hiring processes, facilitating direct connections between hiring managers and highly engaged candidates actively seeking employment.

Furthermore, over the past year, we have diligently ensured that the platform exceeds user expectations in terms of ease of use and functionality. With its transformative capabilities, Talent Infusion is set to redefine DE&I recruitment practices, revolutionizing the way businesses attract and retain diverse talent.

Growth and Impact

In just one year, our database has grown to include 50% women, with 48% specializing in tech roles like “Information Technology”, “Product Management”, “Software Engineering”, “Technology”, or “UI/UX Design”. This significantly exceeds the national average of 28% for women in tech.

 Talent Infusion has emerged as the go-to platform for tech professionals, solidifying its position as a leader in diversity recruitment, further bolstered by its recognition as a recruitment platform powered by AfroTech.

Highlighting Our Digital Series:

Talent Infusion is not only a recruitment platform but also a platform for inspiration and empowerment. Our “Breaking Barriers” series provided a platform for HR and recruiting professionals to share their personal and professional journeys, offering valuable insights into navigating the ever-changing realm of HR and DE&I initiatives. 

Equally, “The Hustle” series celebrated BIPOC professionals in sports, entertainment, fashion, and tech, spotlighting individuals who have carved unique paths in their respective industries.

Talent Infusion recognizes the significance of creating content that not only facilitates recruitment but also adds value and inspiration to its users. Through initiatives like the “Breaking Barriers” series and “The Hustle,” the platform aims to empower and motivate individuals, providing valuable insights into navigating professional challenges while aligning with its mission of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As Talent Infusion celebrates its first anniversary, we remain committed to our mission of promoting inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. 

Join us in our journey to connect thriving businesses with top-tier diverse talent, as we continue to break barriers, inspire change, and drive meaningful impact in the world of recruitment and beyond.

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Talent Infusion leverages a unified search engine and tailored recommendations to find Black and Brown candidates across curated talent pools.